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Vince Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building

Muscle building as a concept is certainly no new thing! Men and women alike have been somewhat obsessive about their bodies for as long as we can contemplate. Various approaches have been used and one of the newer ones, which has gained the respect and acclaim of fitness and health industry professionals is the Vince Delmonte No Nonsense Muscle Building approach.

Vince Delmonte No Nonsense Muscle Building is a book that discusses at large the best ways to achieve success when it comes to muscle building. By the same token, it elaborates at large on what not to do, for example steroid and supplement usage. The book absolutely encourages an active, natural and healthy approach coupling a healthy diet with a good exercise and recovery regime. Interestingly enough, Vince Delmonte No Nonsense Muscle Building actually makes specific reference and elaborates on the necessity of allowing your body the time to recover and recuperate after a bout of exercise.

Delmonte is respected in his field, a champion in fitness in his native Canada and certainly someone who seems to know what he is talking about. Where so many regimes of this nature encourage the purchase and usage of supplements, this one does not. Perhaps this goes some way to explaining its acceptance by so many industry professionals, in a field where regimes of this nature are often overlooked and branded worthless or dangerous.

It’s the balanced and honest approach that makes this book so successful and so much of a hit with professional fitness instructors and the amateur weight trainer alike. Following the routine, by all accounts, will indeed lead to the muscle growth you want and also a reduction in fat. But, as with anything of this nature, you must be committed to the program in order to see the results you desire.

The power of No Nonsense Muscle Building [] has been proven by many users. It remains one of the top muscle building programs online today. Try out the proven techniques by Vince Delmonte and see for yourself if this is the best Muscle Building Program. After all, there is a 60-Day money back guarantee in case you decide it is not the right one for you.

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Vince DelMonte No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

One thing I am not is 149 pound twerp like Vince DelMonte; instead I’m a full time reviewer, spending way too many hours pounding the keyboard. It seems every single day my in-box is flooded with the latest and greatest… (fill-in-blank) diets, fitness strategy, get rich scheme, or the best one… “You’ve won the Nigerian Lottery”, 90% of all these are pure bunk and my job is to tell you so without pulling any punches.

So here’s the simple question is Vince DelMonte a hype artist or fitness guru, let’s find out.

In checking the Vince DelMonte website I see the typical “before and after” photos showing his rise from weakling to national champion. That’s proof he looks good now, but not that he used the methods he’s teaching to achieve his ripped look.

I’m not overly impressed with his audio introduction, but he’s not a speaker, he’s a fitness guru, so we’ll leave that out of the equation.

Member of the “Better Business Bureau”… now that’s a good sign and says he provides customer service and a money back guarantee.

He claims he’s a contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine, so let’s examine that further, they’re a reputable national magazine and wouldn’t endorse someone who was “fly-by-night”.

SCORE ONE for Vince… searching his name I find he has contributed to Men’s Fitness, based on that he’s not a scam artist so we’ll delve a bit deeper into his teaching methods.

He speaks about NOT following the regimen of a champion bodybuilder. That’s good advice since few of us (certainly not me) could hope to follow a champion body builder’s regimen. Most of us are looking for something simple, and something that works.

Next he speaks about not following the advice in muscle magazines stating… “Not only will you build no muscle by following the herd, but you will create muscular losses – fast.” This make me wonder about his own contributions to Men’s Fitness Magazine, so we’ll score this point a zero for two reasons.

1. I agree with him +1

2. He writes for one -1

I like the next part where he rips apart the supplement companies, stating that most are simply touting a line of bunk in an attempt to sell more products… Right on Vince… Plus 1 for that.

What we have to understand is this… everyone is selling something, so I’m not going to knock Vince for doing the same thing; money makes the world go round and being fit will keep us balanced. The question is merely this… it what he’s selling fact or fiction? Is he a guru simply making an honest dollar for solid information, or a snake oil salesman? That’s what we both want to do, and what I’m determined to find out.

Vince goes on to mention six critical points that he teaches, claiming if you follow his advice you’ll…

Carve your 6 pack or upgrade to an 8 pack!

Create that button-popping “Incredible Hulk” chest.

Construct sleeve-ripping arms.

All excellent sales points if he can deliver. The bottom line is always this; do you believe Vince DelMonte can help you get ripped or not? Apparently Eric Carlson winner of “World’s Fittest Model” does saying… ” What a GREAT program!”

I’m not in love with sales hype, but testimonial are not always easy to come by, so we’ll give Vince another plus for truth and honesty.

The bottom line is what’s contained in the final product, not what’s on the sales page, does his training work, will you stick to it, is there help if you need it? Yes, yes and yes…

When you first dive in, you’ll find an in-depth workout regime that might take more than one read to digest, but don’t worry that’s a good thing. It is jam packed with information that will help you reach your goals, one after the other.

Your purchase entitles you to free access to his member’s area, full of helpful information; calendar to help you stay on schedule, animated exercise explanations and perhaps most important, his own tips and tricks to help you rise to body bodybuilding excellence.

“No Nonsense Muscle Building” hits all the points that will truly “pump you up!”



Proper diet

Supplements (actually he tells you how to avoid them a create your own POWER shakes.

What’s the current score?

Member of BBB +1

Both writes for and criticizes men’s fitness mags +0

Isn’t afraid to tell the truth about supplements +1

Has real and provable testimonials +1

Has a program that really works +1

Provides member’s only support +1

Vince DelMonte and “No Nonsense Muscle Building” rates an impressive 4 stars and anyone who is serious about building muscle owns themselves the opportunity this muscle building course will give them.

Now that you know that Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building is a powerful muscle building program click here to find out how to get a free preview:

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